01._ xxyyxx._ end of time
02._ kim ann foxman._ creature
03._ joakim._ forever young
04._ phoenix._ the real thing
05._ jonas rathsman._ tobago
06._ disclosure._ white noise
07._ midnight juggernauts._ road to recovery
08._ coeur de pirate._ place de la republique (rauschhaus kuschelhouse edit)
09._ everything but the girl._ wrong
10._ duke dumont._ the giver
11._ lexy und k-paul._ hypnotized
12._ carte blanche feat. alexis taylor._with you
13._ the presets._ fall
14._ gabriel ananda._ ihre persönliche glücksmelodie
15._ midnight juggernauts._ deep blue lines

by cløud
Sesión grabada en TRAKTOR para perfil de soundcloud de cløud.